MCE plays a crucial role in sales and marketing by acting as a liaison between manufacturers and clients.

  • MCE is responsible for showcasing and promoting a company’s products to potential clients, providing them with detailed information, addressing inquiries, and facilitating the sales process.
  • MCE staff possess in-depth knowledge of the features and benefits of the products they represent, enabling them to effectively communicate with customers and address their specific needs. MCE staff builds and maintains strong relationships between manufacturers and their clients.
  • MCE representatives gather market intelligence, identify trends, and provide valuable feedback to the manufacturing companies for continuous improvement and strategic decision-making.
Overall, the role of MCE is pivotal in driving sales, enhancing brand visibility, and delivering customer satisfaction.


Superior Wire & Technical Services

Superior Wire & Technical Services is the exclusive North American distributor of Kuyngum (KN) automatic welding cage machines for reinforced concrete pipe. Automatic welding cage machines reduce labor and material costs by simplifying operations. One technician operating a KN Cage machine can reduce coil changeover time and maintenance. How? A simplified operating design and high-quality materials! Parts and service are delivered quickly at a fair price, and reliable U.S.-based service and maintenance, with complete parts inventory, contribute to business efficiency.

KN cages are manufactured to exact requirements with common wire sizes and various spacings. Less steel results in lower cost than steel mesh. Hot roll steel cages are more reliable than mesh at a fraction of the cost. Precut cage longitudinals simplify machine design and eliminate multiple coil reels.


Armorform specializes in soil stabilization and erosion control systems and products. Geotextiles are the most commonly used products with over 100 different styles and types from woven to nonwoven, as well as paving overlay fabrics. Road construction, pavement restoration, subsurface drainage, walls, slopes and embankments are just some of the applications for geotextiles.

Stone Strong Systems

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, with a rapidly expanding global network of authorized dealers, Stone Strong Systems has established itself as a highly regarded precaster through technical innovation, precise manufacturing, outstanding design, quality, and customer support. Stone Strong Systems is a gravity retaining wall for a wide range of projects, including shoreline protection, erosion control applications, and landscape construction for industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential properties. Stone Strong modular block is fully engineered both structurally and geotechnically, delivering engineered retaining wall solutions that reduce installation time and labor costs while improving site safety. Stone Strong retaining walls are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

American Maatco

American MAATco, located in Richland Hills, Texas, provides a line of products for the construction, utilities, and telecommunications industries. Products include grade rings, spacer bricks, duct terminators, lift hole plugs, and custom manufacturing together with short runs.

iNFRA-TECH Steel Works Inc.

iNFRA-TECH STEEL WORKS INC. specializes in manufacturing steel forms for precast concrete products designed for a wide spectrum of applications including, residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional development, as well as underground infrastructure.

Texas Retaining Systems

Texas Retaining Systems LLC became a dealer for Stone Strong on January 14, 2022. The company was established in Richland Hills to represent Stone Strong in Texas. Municipalities and contractors in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma can purchase Stone Strong systems from Texas Retaining Systems. Stone Strong modular block is structurally and geotechnically engineered, and deliver durable and aesthetically pleasing engineered retaining walls that reduce installation time and labor costs within a safe installation workplace.

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