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Consulting engineering is a dynamic and vital field that combines technical expertise, regulatory knowledge, and innovation to deliver projects that contribute to the infrastructure of the USA, society’s existence without depleting natural resources needed by future generations, and overall economic growth and development.

MCE services meet a diverse range of engineering needs. From detailed plant design and planning to implementing operational improvements, our staff optimizes efficiency and functionality. We strive for the highest standards in concrete production processes, and specialize in National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) batch plant inspections. Our expertise extends to the design of precast concrete structures including pipelines and culverts, focused on durability and innovation.

Beyond these core services to the concrete industry, we offer market and competition analysis, providing strategic insights for business and marketing decisions. MCE provides expert witness services, drawing experience, knowledge, and wisdom to offer informed and reliable testimony. Whether navigating air permits in Texas or addressing complex technical challenges of industrial, commercial, Institutional and residential property owners, our people stand ready to provide the engineering required to solve problems. Partner with us for services that meet industry and professional standards.

Consulting Services

Precast Concrete Structures Design

Precast Box Culvert Load Ratings

Precast box culvert load ratings are conducted in accordance with engineering codes, standards, and regulations. The goal is to ensure that the precast concrete structure can safely support its intended loads over the design life of the project.

Box Culvert

Precast Concrete Gravity Wall Design

A precast concrete gravity wall design is a resilient and durable structure that effectively retains soil and fill, and provides stability to the surrounding environment.

Precast Concrete Gravity Wall Design

Laser Pipeline Inspections

MCE has the most advanced Multi-System Robots that inspect gravity sewer and pressure pipeline systems. We combine the experience of our engineers with the expertise of experts at the University research labs to deliver detailed asset management tools.

Pipeline inspection

Cast-In-Place Concrete Structures Design

Cast-in-place concrete structures design is a specialized field within civil engineering that focuses on creating durable and structurally sound elements using concrete that is poured and cured on-site. Unlike precast concrete, which is produced off-site and transported to the location, cast-in-place concrete involves the direct pouring and molding of concrete at the construction site. This method provides flexibility in adapting to various shapes, sizes, and project requirements. The design process for cast-in-place concrete structures involves several key steps.

Cast-in-place concrete structures

Miscellaneous Designs for Contractors

Contractors require versatile and reliable engineering solutions to address the diverse challenges encountered in the construction industry. MCE provides a range of miscellaneous designs to meet the specific needs of contractors. Whether it’s the design of temporary structures, construction sequencing plans, shoring and underpinning strategies, or innovative formwork designs, MCE excels in developing comprehensive designs that enhance construction efficiency and safety. MCE specialists recognize the importance of adaptability in the field, and designs address unique project requirements, ensuring seamless integration into the construction process. With a commitment to innovation, safety, and cost-effectiveness, MCE delivers high-quality, customized designs that overcome construction challenges.

Miscellaneous design

Plant Design and Planning

The precast concrete plant design and planning process at MCE involves a meticulous approach to create efficient and high-performance facilities. Our engineers and technicians specialize in developing comprehensive plans that cover all aspects of precast concrete production. This includes detailed architectural considerations, structural analysis, equipment layout, and workflow optimization. The design incorporates innovative ways to enhance production efficiency, ensure product quality, and streamline the manufacturing process.

Plant design and planning

Plant Optimization

MCE focuses on streamlining manufacturing processes, maximizing resource utilization, and improving overall plant performance. Through careful analysis of production workflows, equipment layout, and logistical considerations, engineers develop tailored optimization strategies. These strategies are designed to reduce production costs, minimize waste, and increase output without compromising product quality. By integrating innovative technologies and sustainable practices, MCE designs precast concrete plants that are not only highly efficient but also environmentally conscious.

Pipe and box plant

Production Equipment and Accessories Procurement and Maintenance

MCE excels in overseeing the procurement and maintenance of production equipment and accessories for precast concrete plants. The MCE approach involves careful selection, sourcing, and maintenance planning to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of the equipment. Engineers identify modern technologies and reliable accessories that enhance the production process, increase efficiency, and uphold quality standards. Through strategic procurement practices, sales representatives secure cost-effective solutions without compromising on functionality or durability. MCE’s commitment extends beyond procurement to include proactive maintenance strategies, minimizing downtime and ensuring the longevity of equipment. Matt Childs Engineering’s expertise in managing the entire lifecycle of production equipment and accessories ensures that precast concrete plants operate at peak performance, delivering high-quality products in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Production equipment

NRMCA Batch Plant Inspections and Permitting

MCE inspectors are licensed in multiple states in batch plant and ready-mix truck certification through the National Ready Mix Concrete Association’s Batch Plant Certification Program. In addition to inspection services, engineers can assist concrete producers with air permitting applications and maintenance.

Inspection of a plant with American Maato equipment

Market and Competition Analysis

MCE technical marketing engineers undertake market and competition analyses for the precast concrete industry. Our approach involves comprehensive research and assessment of market dynamics, identifying trends, opportunities, and potential challenges. Staff investigates competitor landscapes, scrutinizing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Through this analysis, staff provides clients with valuable insights to make informed decisions, optimize their market positioning, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Market analysis

Expert Witness

MCE offers authoritative testimony and analysis for legal proceedings. Our role as expert witnesses involves providing objective, well-informed opinions on technical matters related to civil and structural engineering issues. We are committed to delivering credible, thorough, and clear assessments that assist legal professionals, courts, and arbitration panels in understanding complex engineering matters.

Expert Witness

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